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At Hostmore we are committed to embracing our environmental, social and governance responsibilities. We have a particular focus on our brands sourcing responsibly, and developing and maintaining supply chains founded on sustainability.

In line with legislative requirements, we continually work to improve the environmental and social footprints of our brands and engage with new industry-wide and global targets and initiatives. 


Hostmore is a member of the Zero Carbon Forum, which supports the hospitality sector in achieving carbon net zero targets.


In FY22, of the waste managed for us by our third party manager Circom (approximately 55% of the Group’s waste), no waste was sent to landfill. 60% of the total waste managed for us by Circom was recycled during FY22. The remaining 40% of our waste managed by Circom in FY22 was used in energy recovery processes. The disposal of our remaining waste (approximately 45% of the Group’s waste in FY22) is controlled by our landlords. Nevertheless, we continue to actively work with our landlords to encourage them to operate to our high standards.


We encourage suppliers to dispose of waste in a way that has a minimal impact on the environment. All of our waste oil is recycled into bio diesel.

Energy Consumption

Our ‘Green Mission’ is initially targeting reducing energy consumption and driving behavioural change at a site level to reduce energy usage. Each site is currently promoting a green co-ordinator role to support this initiative. We have also switched to using an accredited green energy supply and we are upgrading our restaurants to use LED lighting and signage.

Plastics and Packaging

We have eliminated the use of plastic straws, and we are actively working with our suppliers to reduce their use of plastics and packaging.


Sustainability in our Supply Chain


We understand that our supply chains and operations have an impact economically, environmentally and socially.

We recognise our responsibility to work closely with our suppliers to ensure any adverse impacts are kept to a minimum, and that the sourcing of our products and ingredients is carried out in a sustainable way to safeguard natural resources, communities and the environment for the future.

Sustainable Sourcing

We use responsibly sourced palm oil, soy, cocoa and sugar.

We are committed to animal welfare and have signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment, a leading set of welfare standards in the UK. TGI Fridays achieved the Good Egg Award in 2019 for its commitment to removing all caged hen eggs from its products.

  • In the case of food and drink suppliers, members of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), a collaborative platform for companies to share ethical supply chain data

  • Source 100% RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified products

  • Comply with our sustainable soy policy

  • Source from sustainable fisheries that are independently approved by the Marine Stewardship Council

  • Comply with UK and/or EU animal welfare legislation (as applicable)

We are also working with our suppliers to reduce usage of plastics and packaging.

Regular monitoring is implemented to ensure products are sourced in a sustainable way..

Sourcing Locally

We are focused on quality, provenance and, where possible, supporting UK producers. TGI Fridays recently replaced its international beef suppliers with Scottish Quality Assured Beef, British and Irish Beef. Our burgers are now 100% British beef and Red Tractor approved.

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