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Our Strategy

Our strategy is centred on building an integrated multi-brand platform that is scalable for future growth.

Hostmore provides a platform for the development of hospitality brands.

Our strategic focus is on optimising our brands, aligning those brands with evolving consumer demands and delivering personalised customer engagement – all backed up by a redesigned digital platform.

Implementing a refreshed brand strategy to create an integrated, omni-channel offering and improve relevance to customers bringing back ‘That Fridays Feeling’: Fridays has been re-energised to meet contemporary expectations, with a new strategy implemented to refresh Fridays’ brand identity and customer offering, based on consumer insights. Fridays is shaping a new future with increased relevance to customers and food and drink offerings that are attractive for key demographics. 

Read more about Fridays here.

63rd+1st, delivering a more sophisticated view of the Fridays personality: Hostmore launched its second brand, 63rd+1st, in May 2021. The brand has been developed to cater for the growing consumer demand for all-day venues and members’ club and boutique hotel style environment where customers can work, rest and socialise.

Read more about 63rd+1st here.

Developing improved sustainable and responsible practices, aligned with our values and contemporary market expectations

Hostmore is committed to becoming a leader in sourcing responsibly to enable sustainable supply chain and procurement management. We are always seeking to find new ways to ensure our business and our brands have a positive impact on our people, communities and environment.


Read more about our approach here.


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Investing in our digital strategy to improve data-driven customer engagement and operational efficiency

Hostmore aims to deliver personalised customer engagement and a total experience strategy across different brands on the platform through digital leadership. Hostmore has significantly invested in its digital transformation, focusing on an integrated, multi-channel communication approach and high-quality data capture and utilisation for improved personalised engagement. Hostmore has also implemented a fully integrated cloud-based IT infrastructure, to streamline employee management and productivity.  


Building our growth portfolio


As customers increasingly look for the next-generation innovative experience, Hostmore’s appetite for innovation and creative solutions is enabling the business to explore new market opportunities.

Hostmore will continue to search for growing and undercapitalised brands or franchise opportunities as part of its inorganic growth and will seek to add rapidly growing, early-stage businesses to its portfolio of complementary brands in other experience-led leisure concepts.

A whole world of more.

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