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Our Story

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We're the sharers. The carers.

The business-builders and the entertainers.

Hostmore is a UK hospitality business with its current operations focused on the American-themed casual dining brand, 'TGI Fridays', the cocktail-led bar and restaurant brand, '63rd+1st', and the fast casual dining brand, 'Fridays and Go'.

Established in 2021, Hostmore has been created to provide a platform for the development of hospitality brands under the leadership of an experienced team that has a track record of building businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors.

Hostmore’s businesses are defined by iconic brand experience, vibrant heritage and sector-leading technology.

Our strategic focus is on optimising our brands, aligning those brands with evolving consumer demands and delivering personalised customer engagement – all backed up by a redesigned digital platform.


We are



Our Mission


Experience more - Explore more - Deliver more - Hostmore


Hostmore’s mission is to make every customer experience relevant and engaging, to celebrate the unique heritage and character of its brands, and create environments where people have fun and feel welcomed.

A whole world of more.

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