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Hostmore is committed to maintaining high governance standards across the group and its brands, recognising these to be fundamental for successful long-term performance, sustaining the group through an evolving market and regulatory environment.

The Hostmore Board sees corporate governance as an integral part of its business strategy. By putting in place an appropriate governance framework, the Board has set out clearly the standards that it expects and has promoted a culture of accountability, transparency and ‘speaking up’ that applies across its brands, which in turn provides a foundation for building shareholder and stakeholder confidence in the company.

Hostmore’s compliance with good corporate governance is overseen by the Board and the Board Committees, who provide effective stewardship of the company.


Board of Directors

Hostmore’s Board of Directors oversees the execution of strategy and the delivery of the Brand Management Team’s objectives, within a robust framework of prudent and effective risk management and internal controls.


Board Committees


The Board is supported by the following committees: Audit and Risk Committee, Nominations Committee, Remuneration Committee and Disclosure Committee.


Governance Framework

Hostmore’s governance framework principally comprises of the Board and the Board Committees, policies and procedures, the promotion and adoption of a culture of accountability, transparency and 'speaking up', communications, training provided to all employees, internal auditing, whistleblowing channels and reporting.

Three areas of key focus are addressed within the governance framework: business ethics & conduct, risk management and anti-bribery & corruption.

  1. Business Ethics & ConductHostmore’s moral and ethical beliefs guide the values, behaviours and decisions of its businesses – and encompasses the individuals working within the businesses.

  2. Risk ManagementHostmore’s businesses have defined management systems within each organisation, which are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure integrity and legal compliance.

  3. Anti-Bribery & Corruption Hostmore operates a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. Hostmore’s governance framework, including its Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy, seeks to minimise the risk of bribery and corruption occurring within its businesses.  View Hostmore’s Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy.


Modern Slavery Statement


Our brands source products and ingredients both from within the UK and from overseas, and we recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure that the people involved in the production of these are well treated and work in a safe and healthy environment.  All suppliers must comply with Hostmore’s Ethical Trading Policy, which sets out requirements on worker welfare standards in compliance with all relevant legislation and international conventions.  

Hostmore’s latest Modern Slavery Statement can be viewed here.


Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Our latest Gender Pay Gap Statement for TGI Fridays can be viewed here.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Our Equal Opportunities Policy can be viewed here.

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