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Inspired by the site of the first TGI Fridays in Manhattan where 63rd Street meets 1st Avenue, 63rd+1st celebrates the same personality and principles of classic cocktails, quality food and legendary atmosphere.

In 2021, Hostmore launched its second branded offering in the UK – the city-based, cocktail-led bar and restaurant, 63rd+1st.

Offering a wide range of premium cocktails, spirits, beers and wine, 63rd+1st provides customers with a sophisticated tone that is still grounded in the same New York heritage and energy – recreating the feel of a Manhattan loft, with exposed brickwork, polished concrete, reclaimed timber flooring and bespoke fittings.

Serving a New York-influenced menu seven days a week, this brand has been developed in response to growing consumer demand for stylish environments where customers can work, rest and socialise.

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First launched in May 2021. 63rd+1st currently has locations in Cobham and Glasgow.

Visit our website: 63rd+1st

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